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Silver&Fit ® Survey Highlights Significant Member Satisfaction Results

Silver&Fit , an exercise and healthy aging program offered by national health and wellness company American Specialty Health Incorporated (ASH), recently announced impressive member satisfaction results. Detailed in the white paper titled “2010 Silver&Fit Member Satisfaction Survey Results,” the survey findings touch on members’ satisfaction with the overall program, customer service, fitness facilities, home fitness kits, social support, and insurance plan perception and loyalty.

From a sample of 2,000 randomly selected members, 59.3 percent responded to the mailed survey, mailed in July, 2010. Members included participants from the Silver&Fit Full, Basic, and Home Fitness Programs.

Because Silver&Fit services are delivered and financed through members’ Medicare Advantage health plan, they are understood to be an integral element of the Medicare Advantage plan and affect members’ perception of that plan. The majority of Silver&Fit Full and Basic Program survey respondents reported they chose their insurance company because it offered the Silver&Fit program (61 percent). A majority also indicated that their satisfaction with their insurance company has been impacted by their participation in the Silver&Fit program (more than 75 percent). More than 43 percent of Silver&Fit Full Program respondents and 55 percent of Silver&Fit Basic Program respondents reported they would switch to another insurance company if the Silver&Fit program was no longer offered as part of their plan.

Additional data from the survey indicate:

  • -- 97 percent of respondents (aggregate) indicated that they were very or somewhat satisfied with their program
  • -- 98 percent of respondents reported that they were very or somewhat satisfied with the enrollment process and customer service
  • -- Full and Basic Program respondents reported that the classes were convenient (91.5 percent) that locations are convenient (98.1 percent), and that fitness facility personnel are professional (99 percent).
  • -- 97.9 percent of Full and Basic Program participants reported that their overall health improved because of the Silver&Fit group fitness classes
  • -- More than 90 percent of Home Fitness Program respondents agreed that the Silver&Fit Healthy Aging DVDs contain useful and helpful content and that the Home Fitness Kits are easy to use.
  • -- More than 96 percent of Full Program participants reported to be happy with the social activities, and more than 89 percent of Silver&Fit Full Program participants and more than 85 percent of Silver&Fit Basic Program participants felt that Silver&Fit strengthened their support network.

For more information about Silver&Fit, please contact a National Sales Manager at 800.848.3555

About Silver&Fit and American Specialty Health

As part of the Silver&Fit program, members have access to:

  • -- No-cost memberships at a comprehensive Silver&Fit-contracted network of fitness facilities and exercise centers
  • -- The Silver&Fit Home Fitness Program for those who are unable to participate at a fitness facility or prefer to work out at home
  • -- A built-in support network which includes social events and gatherings
  • --, a website with a variety of health tools and resources, and specifically designed for older adults
  • -- The Silver Slate ® , a quarterly newsletter
  • -- A toll-free customer service hotline to answer questions about the program

Silver&Fit is provided through American Specialty Health Networks, Inc. and Healthyroads, Inc., subsidiaries of American Specialty Health Incorporated (ASH). ASH is a national health and wellness company that provides prevention and wellness services, specialty network management programs, and fitness and exercise services to health plans, insurance carriers, employer groups, and trust funds. Based in San Diego, ASH has more than 700 employees and covers over 20 million members.